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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


If you still have some leftover Christmas bonus and you need a Christmas gift for yourself, how about a 18,000 pesos PC? The ASUS EEE PC costs less than 20,000 pesos and goes as low as 16,999 depending on your specifications. What you can get:


These specifications are the basic specifications of the ASUS EEE PC, however, some PC stores have different specifications with different prices. The Asus EEE PC has a 7 inch TFT screen, an Intel processor with 900 MHz of speed, 512 DDR2 Memory (upgradeable to 1GB), 4GB of solid state hard disk drive though you can choose to put 8GB of SSD but that would drive the price to as much as 30,999 pesos. It also has a built-in webcam, built-in WiFi, Ethernet, Modem, 3 USB slots, SD card reader, VGA Out, Stereo speakers, and headphone/microphone jacks.


The ASUS EEE PC is very lightweight, weighing in at just 2 pounds. This is the cheapest Ultra Mobile PC out in the market. At less than 20,000 pesos you get a stylish laptop with your choice of colors (Pure White, Lush Green, Sky Blue, Blush Pink, Galaxy Black), a built-in Wifi, and webcam, not something you can find on larger notebooks that runs on Pentium II or III.


Don't expect to play World of Warcraft, watch DVD movies, edit photos with Photoshop or convert videos on the ASUS EEE PC, at less than PHP20,000 you won't get a CD writer and storage space is limited at 4GB or 8GB. However, the 3 USB ports lets you attach an external CD/DVD writer and portable hard drive. The ASUS EEE PC also has a limited storage space so the best option is to run Linux OS, however, it can still run Windows XP but don't expect to save any files on the internal hard drive after that.


Come on! Less than PHP20,000?! The ASUS EEE PC is the coolest Ultra Mobile PC you can find!! This is the best choice for a back up notebook or if you're only looking for a notebook to surf the net, and do basing typing and you're budget is limited, go for this one! Not only will it turn heads inside a coffee shop, you also won't have to lug around 2kg of weight as in the case of other notebooks. If you're going to do basic word processing, you're limited to using the OpenOffice software which is an open source software which is very much life Microsoft Office.


PCCorner online has this on sale and they have more upgrade options but if you want the best configurations, be prepared to pay as much as 30,000 pesos. Try asking around SM Cyberzone, over at Greenhills or Gilmore to find the lowest price possible.


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godieYOSI said...

I bought the laptop i gave to my fiancee from PC Corner too via their site I ordered via SMS around 6am then I got the reply around 9am (yeah it took awhile coz i ordered too early). 4am later on the same day I got the laptop delivered to my office for free plus an extra stylus printer. Woot.

natalie1981 said...

Cool. Yep, I saw this the first time at when I was browsing for a notebook but I think there are some stores who offer a much lower price than laptopking.