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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Best Store for Christmas Shopping

If you still haven't done your Christmas shopping, tough luck, every mall is probably filled with people doing their very LAST MINUTE Christmas shopping. If you want to save on Christmas wrappers, shop at Robinson's Mall, for every 300 pesos purchase, you get a free gift wrapper, you have the option of letting them wrap it for you or you can just get the gift wrapper and wrap the presents yourself.

I thought that other malls do this as well however, I found out that Landmark and SM are not nearly as competent. You don't get the wrapper, your items need to be gift wrapped there. I really don't get that. I mean, it's free so why not just give it when your customers don't have the patience to wait in a long line for their items to be wrapped?

However, the Landmark department store in Trinoma is not filled with people and they have an endless pool of cashiers so there's really no long line waiting if you're very impatient like me.

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marco said...

mmm... di pa nga aku naka shopping! la kasi aku pera!