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Sunday, December 23, 2007

My List of Free WiFi Hotspots in Metro Manila

Since I'm a net addict, I always need to have internet access, that's why I'm a Smart Subscriber rather than a Globe Subscriber because of Smart's 10 pesos per minute internet browsing. I can always hook my Dopod D810 and use it as a modem to browse anywhere I want, however there are times when I'm lucky enough to find a free Wifi connection so here's my list.

1. Araneta Center

My favorite place to hang out is Araneta Center specially Gateway Mall. They have free Wifi access on every floor though during the past days that I'm there, their wifi connection seems to be always down.

2. Robinson's Malls

The Taste Buds area in all Robinson's mall offers free Wifi connection though a bit slow but still great for browsing. Also, the newly opened Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Midtown Center has a free Wifi connection, I checked the connection and the name is "globe", I don't know how long its gonna be free so I'm hanging out there during lunch time as much as I can. (My office doesn't have internet connection which sucks!)

3. Megamall

Italliani's in Megamall offers free Wifi connection, however, I'm always embarrassed to stay too long in restaurants. Also, you need to ask for the access code from the waiters.


If you're a smart subscriber, you can subscribe to Airborne Access for Unlimited Wifi connection for only 99 pesos per month. However, I never liked the coffee shops that use Airborne Access, e.g. Figaro, Gloria Jean's Coffee, Mocha Blends, Mrs. Fields, but if I really need to get online, I can always order a chocolate chip cookie from these establishments. LOL.


Globe WIZ vs. Airborne Access