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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Why you need mobile broadband

So, I just found out yesterday that we just had our phone line disconnected because apparently, we forgot to pay the phone bills so I have no DSL connection. As a blogger, that is a total disaster for me since I would have no way of updating my blog, good thing there's Smart 3G. I'm now updating my blog at work even though we have no internet connection here.

Now I would have no way of updating my blog if it wasn't for Smart 3G, of course, I could always go to an Internet Cafe but I don't want anyone looking over my shoulder as I write on my blog. It's not that I'm promoting Smart 3G, frankly I have had my fair share of exasperation with Smart's services, however, compared to Globe's mobile broadband, 10 pesos per 30 minutes is pretty cheap compared to the per kilobyte charging of Globe.

Plus, whenever I'm waiting for my always late boyfriend and there's no WiFi connection anywhere, I could always plug my 3G PDA phone on my laptop and blog away. Now, that's connection ANYTIME, ANYWHERE...unless of course I happen to be in a place where Smart has no signal. Anyways, whether you're on Smart 3G, or Globe 3G, PLDT Weroam, or Globe Visibility, mobile broadband RULES! Now only if we could get a Telco that can offer unlimited data plan. Which reminds me that I'm going to do a post comparing mobile broadband services here in the Philippines in the near future.

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