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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cool looking vacuum cleaners

Have you ever wished vacuum cleaners have a more cooler design rather than their usual bland and round look? I know, the iRobot vacuum cleaner is cool but I’m talking about the more traditional vacuum cleaners. Dyson vacuum cleaners take vacuum cleaners to the next level. You don’t get the bulky and bland vacuum cleaners with one color. Their vacuum cleaners are colorful and looks more like a robot’s feet.

Plus, it doesn’t just clean, it REALLY cleans. It’s not only approved for allergy suffers but one model, the DC15 The Ball, has a Hepa Filter with Bactisafe screen that actually releases cleaner air than what your vacuum sucks in. It’s like having a vacuum cleaner AND an ionizer.

I really wish that these kind of home technology reaches the Philippines, however, it would be hard to get spare parts though there are Dyson spares available on their website, shipping here would probably cost a lot. Right now, I’m stuck with my mop and broom in cleaning our house.