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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Domain Registration

A lot of your blogs are probably hosted on blogger, wordpress, Zanga, myspace or typepad. While these free blog are great for those starting out, it's not good in the long run specially if you want to monetize your blog. That's where your own domain name will be a big help. Domain Registration is really easy, you just search Google for companies selling domain names and then buy your domain name by using a credit card.

When looking for domain name sellers, look for companies that offer free services whenever you register your domain name with them, things to look for include, free web hosting, free email, free URL forwarding, 24/7 technical support, etc. Though others offer domain names at dirt cheap prices, be wary and do your research about each company. Some horror stories of domain name sellers that offer cheap domain names include; domain names being stolen and not being notified that your domain name is expiring, thus letting other register your domain name.

Your own domain name could be a good investment, once you've built up your site, this could be worth a lot more than what it initially cost you in the long run so protect your domain name and register a domain name with companies that specializes in domain name registration.