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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gadget of the Stars: Paris Hilton's Cellphone

Welcome to a new segment on my blog: Gadget of the stars where every week I will attempt to distinguish what kind of gadgets (most usually cellphones) movie stars are pictured holding. This week we have the Hotel Heiress, Paris Hilton. As the hotel heiress of course Paris is filthy rich and she probably has dozens or more cellphones tucked away and not featured here but here are just a few pictures I've grabbed from Google Images where she's seen holding a bunch of her cellphones.

1. Blackberry 8700 - Okay, below Paris is shown holding a chunky looking device. I'm pretty positive that it's a Blackberry 8700 since it's the same one that Lincoln guy in Prison break is holding here. Look at that large square thingy in the middle and compare it to a picture of the Blackberry 8700 pictured below.

2. T-Mobile Sidekick - now this one is pretty easy since there are only a handful of device wherein you can text in landscape mode, besides, there was news last 2005 that her Sidekick was hacked and her address book posted on the Internet. (Photo credit:

3. Motorola RAZR V3 - Another one of Paris Hilton's cellphones is a Motorola RAZR V3 though I doubt that she really owns this. Based on my Google research, she was a spokesperson of Motorola for some time or attended a Motorola event--whatever.

4. Apple iPhone - and last and probably the most recent cellphone is the Apple iPhone. Do I really need to introduce or say something about the iPhone? It's probably the most talked about cellphone and naturally, the most talked about celebrity has to have it.

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She probably uses phones with great features that she hardly uses. Then again, I do suppose she is probably tech savvy because most people are these days – especially with phones, as they're such personal items for people. Don't know how she manages with so many different phones, though. She probably has one for business and one for personal. What business you say? She has a lot of business to do, that's for sure.