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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Globe WIZ vs. Airborne Access

I don’t know if there are other commercial WiFi providers in the Philippines but WIZ and Airborne Access are the common WiFi providers you can find in popular coffee shops in Metro Manila as well as big cities around the Philippines. I’ve been able to use both services and so far, here’s my comparison:


Airborne access is cheap especially if you were able to subscribe to their unlimited 99 pesos per month access using PLDT MyDSL and Smart promo. Globe WIZ on the other hand is expensive and you have to pay 100 pesos for 1 hour of WiFi access.


I have to say that when I use Globe WIZ at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf shops in Trinoma and SM North Edsa, the speed is pretty fast, Airborne Access on the other hand is about average. I wasn’t able to do a speed test but comparing the speed with my DSL connection at home, I think that Airborne Access internet speed is around 384kbps while Globe WIZ is much faster.


Globe WIZ is used by pretty much the big named coffee shops, or those that I usually frequent like Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. The latter coffee shop used to offer Airborne Access, however, almost all Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf shops I’ve visited only offer Globe WIZ and there are only a limited number offering Airborne Access. The coffee shops that offer Airborne Access is usually Figaro, Gloria Jean’s and Mocha Blends.


I like Airborne Access’ interface much better. When you log in, there’s a little pop up window that counts down the time you’re logged in and you can easily log out, with Globe WIZ on the other hand, you have no way of knowing how much airtime you’ve spent and their prepaid usage checker is not exactly real time. Plus, if you’re a first time user and you think that just closing your browser would automatically log you out, think again. You actually need to log out of Globe WIZ or else say good-bye to your airtime. Globe WIZ doesn’t exactly make it clear on their homepage that you have to log out or how you go about it. I think you need to type on your browser to log out of Globe WIZ WiFi.


If you’re not so picky about your coffee, your budget is limited, and you’re not going to do a lot of video streaming and downloading, you should subscribe to Airborne Access’ unlimited 99 pesos per month connection. However, if you’re a Starbucks and Coffee Bean kind of person, a YouTube addict and filthy rich, then you’d have no trouble liking Globe WIZ. If you’re neither and you’re torn just like me then just do what I do; get coffee on at my favorite coffee shop (Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf) plug in your 3G handset and then surf using Smart Internet.