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Sunday, January 27, 2008

How to choose your first digital camera

Though film cameras are so scarce to see nowadays, I'm surprised that there are still some Filipinos out there who haven't bought their own digital camera yet. An officemate asked me a few weeks back whether she should choose this digital camera over that digital camera, anyways, here are just a few things to consider when buying your first digital camera.

  1. Resolution. The first thing you should consider is the resolution or the mega pixel. Two years ago, a 3 mega pixel camera is the standard but as technology changes, the very basic digital cameras out in the market today are around 6 mega pixels but you could still see some 4 mega pixel cameras in appliance stores. My officemate asked me whether she should choose the 4 or the 6 megapixel camera and I said, it depends on what you'll be needing it for. If you're going to print a standard 3R to 5R photos, a 4 mega pixel digital camera would do the work and would not make much difference but if you're going to blow up your photo, say you want to make a huge portrait out of it or print it on an A4 paper, then that's where the extra mega pixels would come in handy. Also, be wary of "interpolated" megapixels as this is just some marketing scheme from some unknown digital camera manufacturers. Basically, when a digital camera claims it has 6 megapixels interpolated, it's usually just 3 megapixels.

  2. Zooming capabilities. When choosing your first digital camera, consider what would be its main use. If your child's graduation is coming up and you need a digital camera to capture that special moment, look for cameras that have optical zoom lens. A camera with optical zoom allows you to take a closer picture of your subject even if you're faraway. The difference between a camera with an optical zoom and digital zoom is that cameras with optical zoom allows you to take closer picture without losing the resolution, with a digital zoom camera, you can zoom in only when you've taken the snapshot and you compromise the resolution of your pictures.

  3. Storage options. A digital camera can store pictures using memory cards, SD memory cards, XDcards, Memory stick, compact flash cards, etc. The best choice is probably a digital camera compatible with Memory Cards (MMC) or Secure Digital Cards (SD) since these are the cheapest storage medium available nowadays. You can get a 1GB MMC or SD card at CDR King for around 500 pesos.

  4. Extra Features. Almost all of digital cameras available today are capable of recording video clips with sounds. Look for one that is capable of recording more than one minute of video as this could be useful if you plan on using your digital cam for family events. Remember to ask the sales clerk if its capable of recording audio since you don't want to be shooting silent video clips on your digicam.
So these are the basic things to consider when buying your first digital camera. Digital cameras are always a good investment and even though your cell phone can take 5 mega pixel photos, it's still a good idea to invest in separate digital camera since a camera phone is first and foremost a phone and and cell phone manufacturers are just adding the digital camera features as a bonus without considering picture quality.


Leonilo said...

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online shopping said...

This is a whole other field, that's for sure. While those are great pointers, a lot of the things to consider really depend on what you want out the camera. Are you a budding photographer? Well, then you need to look at something more expensive with a lot of options. Even though I'm not like an amazing or professional photographer, I would still invest a lot into a camera because I feel that if you're going to take a picture you should make it a good one.

fine art said...

Would you also consider the brand and the price? They say that if the price is quite expensive that speaks for its features and quality. If the camera is from a well-known brand that would also mean that it is of better quality than others.