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Friday, January 18, 2008

HTC Touch Cruise Review

The HTC Touch is one of the first phones released after the iPhone announcement and though HTC denied that they've released it to compete with the iPhone, we all know that's not true. After the HTC Touch got a bashing of a review from AFP writers, HTC was not deterred but released the HTC Touch Dual, and now the HTC Touch Cruise.


The HTC Touch Cruise, like the HTC TyTN II, and most recently released phones from HTC has a 400Mhz processor, however, it's from QUALCOMM rather than from Samsung which was present in previous HTC models. Unlike the other two HTC Touch models, the HTC Touch Cruise has Wi-Fi, 3G, HSDPA, EDGE, GSM, and a built-in GPS. Another major upgrade is that it has a 128MB RAM. It has a 3 mega pixel camera, a 256MB ROM, and a microSD card slot.


The 128MB RAM on the HTC Touch Cruise is a significant update. It reduces system hanging when you're opening multiple apps or applications which are memory hungry. The HTC Touch Cruise also has a major interface upgrade, plus the circular directional pad is easy to use and would allow you to zoom in and out of pictures though I still like the iPhone's pinching gesture when zooming. The GPS antennae works great, it could locate me quickly and easily and could even locate me indoors (usually).


Though there is a significant interface upgrade on the HTC Touch Cruise like the buttons being large enough to use for fingers, the TouchFlo interface still needs work. There is somewhat a lag when flipping through menus using your fingers, though it would not be an issue for those new users, iPhone users would probably smirk down on this. I still think that the HTC Touch Cruise can do better than a 400MHz Qualcomm processor, the XDA Atom Life has around 524MHz of processing power so why can't they do that?


The HTC Touch Cruise is a great improvement from the other two versions, however, if you already own a Dopod D810, Dopod 838Pro, or HTC TyTN, there's really not much of an improvement except for the 128MB of RAM and the GPS function for Dopod 838Pro users. However, if you're a power user and you absolutely need a bigger RAM on your windows mobile device, then the HTC Touch Cruise is a good option.


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Kenna said...

Hi, do you where they sell touch cruise here in the philippines? i've seen the touch and touch dual versions.. but no sighting of the cruise yet...thanks

natalie1981 said...

The Touch Cruise is not yet available in the Philippines.