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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

LCD TV Wall Bracket

I'm planning to get an LCD TV this coming February and I still don't have a place for it in our house. We have an average sized house but it's pretty small for more than 8 people living there. I don't know whether to put it up on a stand or mount it on the wall with a wall bracket. Most LCDs sold today already includes a free wall bracket but the trouble with wall brackets that comes with your LCD TV is that when you decide to upgrade to a bigger set you have to take the bracket off the wall and mount a new one. It would be nice if a universal TV Wall Bracket is sold here in the Philippines.

Universal wall brackets would allow you to upgrade your LCD TV easily and with the current technology today, it would be nice to think into the future and decide on upgrading my LCD TV even though I haven't bought one yet. I could always transfer my new LCD TV to my room when I decide to upgrade to a better one.