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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Life Without Internet

No internet...7 days...getting--weaker...eyesight blurry....feeling faint...

This is exactly how my insides feel. Come on, PLDT, I'm dying out here!!!! I'm as usual, I'm only using my Smart 3G connection to connect to the internet at my office since I have no 3G signal inside our house.

So, how has being disconnected from the net affected me during the past 3 days? Let's see...I've become disoriented and I don't know what day it is. To think that I was close to missing new year since last Monday I thought it was Sunday. I was a bit confused that my mom was preparing all sorts of food and I actually thought that it was she that had her days confused.

All I've had to entertain me during the past weekend is playing my PSP, that's why I don't know what day it is. *sigh!* Oh well, I have to find myself a better DSL provider. I think I'll look into Sky DSL.