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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Moto ROKR E8: Newest phone from Motorola

Seems that Motorola is trying to get back on its feet after being bumped out from the number two position as mobile phone manufacturer by Samsung. They have just unleashed a series of mobile phones at the consumer electronics show (CES) at Las Vegas and the yummiest of them all is the Moto ROKR E8.

Outside, it kinda looks like the iPhone and many may think that Motorola is trying to make the Moto ROKR E8 into an iPhone killer, however, it's not--I think it's so much more. The Moto ROKR E8 has the most innovative phone interface I have seen in a while...The phone interface actually changes with every "modes".

Say, you want to listen to music on your Moto ROKR E8, you would need dedicated music buttons, of course, so the Moto ROKR E8 would just illuminate the buttons you need. That's why in the image below, you won't see any alphanumeric keys on the Moto ROKR E8, giving the impression that it's a touchscreen phone.
If you want to use the phone features, just press a button and the Moto ROKR E8 will then illuminate the alphanumeric keys or phone pad as pictured below. It's a totally cool phone! I can't wait till it arrives here in the Philippines.


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r4 ds card said...

Clear sound nice look to it the camera is not that bad i like the talking phone fits good in hand..