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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The next iPhone killer: Garmin Nuvifone

Web browsing on the Garmin NuvifoneGarmin, a company well known for making GPS devices in the US has now entered the mobile phone market with their Garmin Nuvifone. The Garmin Nuvifone is sleek and thin touch screen mobile phone that seems to be a cross between an iPhone and a Windows Mobile Phone.

The Garmin Nuvifone has a large 3.5 inch screen display, same size as the iPhone's screen. Though not nearly as thin and sexy as the iPhone, the Garmin Nuvifone is still a thin device compared with other PDA phones. The most notable features on the Garmin Nuvifone that is missing from the iPhone includes HSDPA capability, built-in digital camera with video recording function, and of course, Garmin's famous GPS system.

Though a GPS capable phone is not something new, the HTC Touch Cruise has GPS capability, the Garmin Nuvifone may make a wave in the states because Garmin's GPS devices are considered top of the line. There's no word as to what operating system will be on the Garmin Nuvifone but I think it's Garmin's own to enable the phone to run the Garmin navigation system. The device is expected to be available during the third quarter of 2008. No pricing has been announced.


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