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Friday, January 18, 2008

Nursing Homes

If you have relatives working in the US who are nurses, you’re probably familiar with nursing homes. A nursing home in the US is a center wherein elderly people are taken care of. It’s kinda like the Golden Acres Home here in Quezon City. Some of us would say that putting your parents/grandparents in a nursing home is cruel but it’s not really like that. In the States and developed countries, people are too busy, they don’t have housekeepers like most of the middle income to high income households here in the Philippines have so there’s no one to take care of their senior citizens so what most people do is send them to nursing homes.

Some elderly people even prefer to be in a nursing home as they don’t want to get in the way of their loved one’s busy lives. Their relatives visit them often so it’s not cruel it’s just practical for them. There are reputable nursing homes in the States and some of our OFWs even work there. So the next time you watch a US TV show or movie showing that they’re put in nursing homes, don’t judge too quickly.