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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Overview: Canon Powershot A470

If you just got yourself the Canon Powershot A460, you'd probably want to kick yourself right now since in about a month, your digital camera will be marked down around 20%. Why? Because its successor, the Canon Powershot A470 has just been released.

The trouble with digital cameras, like the Canon Powershot A470 as well as most consumer electronics today, is that it can be easily replaced and prices can just as easily go down in a two to three months. New camera technology is always being discovered and though you don't really need to replace your old digital camera, you'll find yourself wanting to replace your old one.

The Canon Powershot A470 features an upgraded 7.1 mega pixel resolution over the previous A460 model. Aside from that, the Canon Powershot A470 also has new colors to choose from, blue, red, orange and gray, a larger 2.5 inch LCD screen. It also has a 3.4 optical zoom lens that and a f/3.0 at wide-angle and f/5.8 telephoto settings.

My officemates had the oldest version, I think it was the Canon Powershot A440, and then some bought the Canon Powershot A460. As far as I could tell, there was really no difference between them in terms of style and body except that the A460 has a higher resolution. I think that the Canon Powershot A470 would pretty much have the same bulky feel but great picture quality, after all, it's from Canon.

However the Canon Powershot A470 doesn't just have an increased resolution, it also incorporates the latest in digital camera technology, one of which is face detection. Face detection technology in digital cameras like the Canon Powershot A470 will reduce blurry faces specially in group shots or if you just want to focus on one face in a crowd, perfect for taking graduation pics. Aside from that, it also has Motion Detection Technology, that reduces blurry pictures due to shaking hands and high ISO settings for taking pictures in low light conditions.

The Canon Powershot A470 will be available in the US starting March for a price of $129.99. Philippines would soon follow.