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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Prison Break Season 3 Episode Ten: Dirt Nap

Okay, so apparently, Prison Break doesn't have new writers, like what I thought during the ninth episode: boxed in, they're just airing finished episodes before the strike. According to this article, Prison Break finished 13 episodes before the strike so that leaves us thirteen more episodes to look forward to (or dread). Honestly, the show is getting more and more predictable and this episode is no exception.

The scene where Michael was near their dug up hole, apparently thinking, with Sammy on the other side of the door with a gun is SO predictable. I mean, you'd know instantly that he's planning on luring Sammy near the hole so that it would collapse on him, right? Everyone knows that's what Michael was thinking so why did Whistler have to say rather naively near the end of the show, "I should have been asking if you're a real engineer.....that could have one of us buried there". And WTF was that flashback scene where Michael was shown removing the iron nail??? It's like the director is insinuating that the viewers are a bunch of twelve year olds who really wouldn't have thought that on their own?

So, since the writers are still the old writers, I'm blaming Prison Break's downfall to the directors. If my boyfriend wasn't insisting that we watch this show I would have given up on this just like I've given up on Smallville a long time ago. Another disappointing episode. Really now, I wish that they'd inject something good to this show soon. Their formula--give everyone a beating, kill a known character, extort someone and then wait for the final three episodes for them to break out, is really getting old.

Let me be a fortune teller and predict the next season of Prison Break: Season 4, they get out of SONA and Michael hunts down the people responsible for Sara's Death after which during the final episodes, he gets caught and then sent off to a prison in Africa (they already did South America so let's move to another continent). Season 5, he has to break out of prison--again (since they have to keep up with the title), because that LJ kid is still FREAKIN' ALIVE!! You know the drill, he plans and then everybody gets in on the plan and then of course he breaks out. This cycle goes on for two seasons more and in Prison Break Season 8, all the character's are dead because LJ freakin' killed them because all that kidnapping has gotten to his head and they're too busy escaping prison to take him to a shrink!!