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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Should you buy the Apple iPhone

Though the Apple iPhone hasn't really been released here in the Philippines yet, just got to Greenhills, or surf eBay and you will find that there are some sellers who sell the Apple iPhone unlocked while some sell the clone. The price for an Apple iPhone range from 25,000 to 30,000 pesos, not cheap but not too high either, compared with PDA phones from HTC. However, should you part with your hard-earned money and buy the iPhone? Let's take a look.


  1. Design: There's no doubt that the Apple iPhone is the best looking phone in the market. It's thin, sleek, and sexy. The Apple iPhone also has a great touch interface. If you've seen the commercial, you know how it goes, just tap, swipe, flick, pinch, and the phone would respond, no other phone in the market would compare with its style and interface.
  2. Multimedia: Music-wise, since the iPhone comes from the makers of the iPod, it has great music playing capabilities and the fact that it has a fast processor, a 3 inch high resolution screen, makes watching videos on this baby a joy.
  3. Web Surfing: Another great feature that the Apple iPhone has that other cell phones lack is its ability to view whole web pages. If you tried browsing on your cell phone, you know that what you get is somewhat a one-column translation of the original web page, with the iPhone, you get to browse the web site as is, just like you're browsing on your PC.
  4. WiFi: There are only a handful of handsets that have WiFi capabilities and WiFi on the iPhone makes this a really great web surfing device.


  1. Camera: However, like most phones, it is not perfect. One very obvious flaw of the Apple iPhone is that even though it has a 2 mega pixel camera, it can't record videos—what's that about?! Even the lowest of the low-end camera phones has the ability to record videos so why did Apple take that away from the iPhone?!!
  2. MMS: The phone also can't send MMS messages. WTF?! MMS is the most basic feature on colored cell phones, what is that about? And you call this phone a smart phone.
  3. No ability to install third-party applications: What makes cell phones powerful devices is their ability to be a device that can be custom fitted to the user's needs thanks to third party applications. The Symbian OS and MS Windows Mobile has the ability to install applications which can make your phone an ebook reader, a web camera, a spy camera, etc, etc. The possibilities are endless with third party apps but the iPhone can only make use of third party applications through the Safari Web Browser. Which means, if you're in the Philippines and you want to run widgets on your iPhone, you're going to incur lots of data charges and unless you live near a free WiFi hotspot or unless Smart or Globe has unlimited data plan, this will continue to be a disadvantage of the iPhone for users in the Philippines.
  4. No 3G: While most American's don't need it since every where you turn over there, there's a WiFi hotspot, there are only a limited number of hotspots in the Philippines and most often than not, it's not free and WiFi cards are expensive that's why most of us rely on 3G to be connected anywhere at a very cheap price.


The iPhone has a well balance pros and cons and it is really up to the end user on which of these would he take into account based on their needs. So basically if you need a:

  1. Stylish phone to show off to your friends: Get this one, not only will be unique, you're sure to be the envy of all Mac lovers here in the Philippines. Alternative: LG Prada, Motorola RAZR2.
  2. Business phone: iPhone is not recommended since it can't sync with your office email plus it doesn't have the ability to edit documents on the go. True, there are widgets available to answer these needs, however, like I mentioned, data charges are expensive. Alternative: Dopod D810, Xda II Mini, or any other Windows based mobile device, Nokia N95, Samsung Blackjack, Blackberry devices
  3. Music Phone: Highly recommend the iPhone. You don't need a separate MP3 player since the iPhone is the iPod Touch with phone capability. Alternative: Nokia XpressMusic phones, Sony Ericsson Walkman phones, Motorola RAZR2, Samsung music phones
  4. Camera Phone: iPhone is not recommended, no video recording capability and picture quality is only subpar. ALTERNATIVE: Nokia N95, Sony Ericsson CyberShot phones,
  5. 3G phone: Like I said, the iPhone is NOT a 3G phone. Alternative: Dopod D810, Motorola RAZR2 V9, Samsung Blackjack, Sony Ericsson W960i

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