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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Should you buy an LCD / Plasma TV?

Okay, so you've been drooling over those large screen and slim TVs in the appliance store and you're itching to get one but there's always something stopping you and this question always pops into your head: Should you buy a LCD or Plasma TV?

Things to consider:

1. Watching TV shows in High Definition.

If you're considering buying a LCD or Plasma TV because you want to see Channel 2 or Channel 7 just as clearly as those videos being shown in appliance store, well forget it. Buying a LCD or Plasma TV doesn't automatically convert your regular TV viewing in high definition because first, in order to get those clear and crisp pictures shown in appliance stores, you need a high definition signal and as of writing, there's no local TV station or cable network broadcasting in HD signal. Buying an LCD or Plasma TV would probably wreck your viewing experience specially if you buy those 40-50 inch sets because the pixels and lines would be magnified.

2. For you to have a monitor and TV in one

Using a Plasma or LCD TV to use as a monitor is not a good idea unless the TV you're going to buy has DVI input or your graphics card has HDMI output and your TV has HDMI input. Most LCD TVs under 40,000 pesos only has a VGA input for PC and sometimes, using your LCD TV is really not good compared with a regular LCD monitor because computer monitors are made for viewing close range while LCD TVs are for viewing at a distance. I suggest just buying a regular LCD Monitor with HDMI input and upgrading your graphics card to one with an HDMI output and buying a TV tuner, it's probably cheaper and would work best for your computer needs.

3. Watching regular DVDs in high definition.

Also not a good idea unless you get a DVD player with upconverting capability or one with HDMI output. Although regular DVDs have higher video quality, when outputted on an HDTV 40 inches or higher, you would not love the picture quality. No, the picture output is not the same as those in the appliance store and you'll probably end up disappointed.

4. For use with your PS3 or XBOX 360.

Now THIS is a good idea. If you're an avid gamer, you'll enjoy your gaming experience more with an HDTV. PS3 and XBOX 360s have high definition output and PS3 is Blu-ray capable so when you pop in a Blu-ray movie you're guaranteed to be wowed and you would never go back to watching old DVDs again, unless you play your DVD collection on the PS3 or DVD player with upscaling capabilities.

5. To show off.

Hmmm, personally, this is not a good idea but if you have the money to waste, why not? My brother bought a 40 inch plasma TV and when I asked him why, he said he just wanted to show off to their neighbors so I guess some of you would probably have the same reason. However, in order for your money to be not completely wasted, I suggest you see my How to choose your LCD / Plasma TV article.