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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Smart Video Calling

My best friend just got a Smart prepaid line and she has a new 3G handset so we tried out the video calling feature of Smart. Well, I have to say its pretty cool to see who you’re talking to on the other end of the line. I have to say that it would come in handy if you want to check in on your boyfriend and see if he’s really “at home”.

Anyways, although video calling is really cool, it’s not really perfect yet. The audio is delayed and sometimes choppy. I had to use my headset in order to hear my best friend clearly and resort to a game of charade in order to get my message across and my best friend had to use an idiot board. LOL.

The second time, it went smoothly, I was getting the hang of it actually. Fee? Hmm, I don’t’ exactly know how much Smart would charge me, my best friend said that it was the same as voice calls but I think you have to pay for streaming fees, etc. I guess I have to wait till my bill arrives.

Anyways, you should definitely give video calling a go. This reminds me that I have to set up my boyfriend’s cell phone so I could video call him and check what he’s up to. This is even better than GPS!