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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Text Congestion Not Only a Problem in the Philippines

Apparently, it's not only us, Filipinos, that experience text congestion problems when sending text messages during the Holidays. In the US, there have been reports of network congestion last New Year.

I don't know whether the Big 3 networks have expanded their network or just that more people sent their text messages earlier but there were no reports of network congestion in the Philippines last new year. While network congestion is not something new to us, it is something new in the US to merit a news article from AP.

Now I know that we're usually way behind the US when it comes to technology, take the HD format wars for example, a lot of people probably haven't heard of High Definition discs here but when it comes to cell phone technology, we are way ahead than Americans. It has only been last year that Americans have started getting on the cell phone wagon with cell phone users almost doubling and while mobile banking is way so 2 years ago here in the Philippines, it is only being launched now in the US.

Hmmm, all I can say is, knowing Americans, they would probably have this sorted out and this incident won't repeat itself next year which is something I can't say with regards to cell phone networks here (Yes, I mean you, Smart, Globe and Sun).

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