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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Favorite American Idol Audition Songs

For over the years that I've watched American Idol, I have came across unfamiliar songs that I have started to like because idol hopefuls keep singing them over and over again. Here are just a few songs that I've discovered and have eventually liked.

  1. Sunday Morning - Maroon 5

    I've only discovered this song during the current season of American Idol. During the first audition, that guy who was formerly obese sang this song.

  1. Signed, sealed, delivered - Stevie Wonder

    I first heard Sanjaya sing this during the finals last season and someone sang this again this season, I forgot the name of the contestant but I liked this song the second time around.

  1. Amazing Grace

    I don't know who sang this song but that Christy Cook something girl from the current season sang this as her audition song. I winded up hearing and liking Leanne Rimes version.

  1. I can't make you love me - Bonnie Raitt

    This is actually the first season that I've heard this song but I instantly liked it. I also forgot which contestant sang it.

  1. Don't Tell me to Stop - Leanne Womack

    Also the first time I've heard it this season and loved it.

  1. Summertime - Fantasia Barrino

    I first heard Sanjaya's sister sing this song and I liked it. I've been trying to remind myself all of last year to research this song but I only remembered to do so when one of the contestants sang it. The original version of the song was by Janni Joplin or Billie Holiday but as my sister pointed out, the original was too scary for her. I think Sanjaya's sister did her own version, it's just too bad she didn't make it so her version could be put into a single. Fantasia Barrino has her own version out and it's good too.

  1. A song for you - Donny Hathaway

    My favorite audition song. I think I heard a contestant in the San Diego or Atlanta audition sing this one. A former American Idol contestant who made it to the finals but didn't win--Elliot Yamin has his own version but I liked Donny Hathaway


Anonymous said...

Just a quick FYI. Summertime is actually by George Gershwin from the opera (an American Folk Opera) "Porgy and Bess", which was first performed in 1935 :)

Anonymous said...

carrie underwood sang i cant make you love me at her audition and she was great at it!