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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Good-bye Moto??!

Is this the end to the familiar slogan, "hello, Moto?" Apparently, Motorola is thinking of realigning their business structure in the hopes of cutting their loses which means it's either they will sell their Motorola handset unit or spin it off as a separate company.

Motorola's handset unit has been faced with problems these past few years and last year, Samsung finally bumped it out of the number two position in the mobile phone manufacturing business. While Motorola has been known for whipping out the occasional trendy handset, i.e. the Startac and the RAZR which revolutionized flip phones, it has also been known to make bombed handsets like the ROKR.

Either way, I'm saddened by this news. Motorola is my favorite handset maker notwithstanding its lack of innovative handset design. Feature-wise and budget-wise Motorola has and always will be my handset of choice.