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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mocmex: The Digital Photo Frame Virus

According to a news article at Yahoo! News, digital photo frames may contain a virus that could steal data from your PC. The Digital Photo Frame Virus is said to be a trojan that could weed out passwords from your computer and is called Mocmex.

Apparently, Mocmex is a very powerful Trojan that could evade detection by some antivirus software and even Windows' firewall. According to the reports, the virus may have come from manufacturers from China where quality control is weak. The infected devices may have been plugged into a PC to check if it works and thus transferring the virus. While digital photo frames from Sam's Club, Best Buy, Target and Costco in the US appears to be infected, you should always check any portable storage or scan anything you plug into your PC. All of the unbranded digital photo frames and even those branded one are made from China so always be on alert.