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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mustek DV5300SE review

My brother bought the Mustek DV5300SE camcorder mainly because it was cheap. I played around with this for a few days and here's my take on the device.

The Mustek DV5300SE is a compact camcorder that can record MP4 videos and has a CMOS optical sensor. I'm a bit confused about the specs, while the box says that it was a 5 mega pixel interpolated resolution, I know that interpolated doesn't really say the real resolution of a camera, I've researched online and it turns out the natural resolution of the Mustek DV5300SE is only 3 mega pixel. This camcorder also has an integrated 32MB memory which can be expanded by a SD Memory card.

The Mustek DV5300SE when handled feels very cheap, it's almost like I'm handling one of the toys of my nephew and that any part would probably come off at any minute. However, since this camcorder is made of plastic, it's very light to carry around. The 1.5 inch LCD screen on this camcorder is very tiny but if you're used to shooting videos and pictures from your mobile phone, then this shouldn't be a problem.

As to the video recording capability, the Mustek DV5300SE has a variety of special effects when shooting videos, it can record Speia, Pastel, Sketch, Negative Art, Black and White and Solarization. As to the shooting mode, it offers white balance presets and you can program the exposure mode or set it on automatic. I took the Mustek out and took some videos outdoors in daytime, video quality was OK though suffering from a bit washed colors but then again you shouldn't expect much from a camcorder that costs less than P10,000. When the Mustek DV5300SE is take indoors where lighting is low, video quality is terrible, it has a lot of noise and I have had better video quality taken from my sister's Nokia N70.

I have had much better luck with the image quality of the Mustek DV5300SE. Still images came out good but of course, you should make sure that there are some natural light when taking pictures inside a room. Night mode doesn't really improve picture quality when taking pictures indoors.

The Mustek DV5300SE is as cheap as camcorders can get but at its price, set your expectations to the very minimum. However, I would recommend you just buy a low end camera phone with the same price if you're going to shell out on this device since video and image quality is almost comparable with camera phones. However, if you're bent on buying the Mustek DV5300SE, make sure you spend for a rechargeable battery because battery life sucks when ordinary batteries is used and also spend for a 2GB SD memory card if you're planning to shoot videos longer than 30 minutes.

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