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Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Top Casual Games for PC

If you're looking for games to download to pass the time in your home (or at the office), here are some casual games that got me hooked.

Service-type Games:

  1. Diner Dash - I don't know whether this needs introduction but basically, you play as a waitress and try to serve hundreds of hungry customers. You take their orders, serve them, give them the bill and clean their tables and you have to do this before they get impatient and leave.
  2. Cake Mania - One of my favorites. You own a restaurant and make cakes according to the customer's specifications. You have to make these cakes before the customer gets impatient
  3. Delicious Deluxe - A game like Diner Dash but with better graphics and in my opinion, a bit harder when you get the top levels.
  4. Belle's Beauty Boutique - Another one of my favorites. This game seems easy at first, you just place the customers on the right chair but as you progress, you serve more customers and you have to make a certain amount of money each day.
  5. Miss Management - This is the hardest service type game that I've played because it involves more action but I guarantee that you won't be bored by it.
Other Platform/Puzzle Games

  1. Shop Mania- The reason why I got addicted to Casual Games. This is more of a puzzle game. You have to assist customers and place the right items on their carts before the items on the conveyor belt reach the end. Very fun.
  2. Luxor - Addictive puzzle game. You have to match three or more colored balls before they reach the end of the line.
  3. Tumblebugs - very similar to Luxor but has cuter graphics and more power-ups.
  4. Bookworm Deluxe - If you're a word addict, this is a good game. Very addictive and challenging.
  5. Family Feud - You know the game. I just really like this because it tests my knowledge about trivial things.
If you have any other favorite games let me know. I'm running out of games to play.


airdriesg said...

I downloaded Belle's Beauty Boutique, because like you, I liked the demo. My virus protection immediately flagged it as a trojan! I would watch out for this game.

natalie1981 said...

That's weird. I didn't get any warning. What's your software and where did you download it? I got mine from BigFish or was it Gamehouse? I Forgot but I trust those two sites.