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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pioneer BDC-202 Blu-ray Optical Drive

Stand alone Blu-ray players have already made it into the country, thanks to Sony. However, the cost of one stand-alone Blu-ray player would set you back around PHP40,000 and the Playstation 3, which plays Blu-ray discs, cost around 25-30k. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative and you have family members in the US, try importing the Pioneer BDC-202 optical Blu-ray drive.

The Pioneer BDC-202 is the cheapest Blu-ray optical disk drive that I could find and costs around $150-$210, excluding shipping. The Pioneer BDC-202 uses SATA cable connection so be sure that your motherboard supports it. The Pioneer BDC-202 doesn't have any problems in playing Blu-ray discs, however, it is pretty slow as a DVD writer. I was expecting that the Pioneer BDC-202's DVD burning capability is much higher than my previous DVD writer which only writes at around 8x but sadly, it's not. For those of you who already have a DVD burner with 16x above burning speed, don't throw it away yet as you need it if you're the impatient type who just can't wait when burning their DVDs.

I recommend that you upgrade your desktop's graphics card and then hook it up through HDMI or DVI to your LCD screen to fully enjoy the Blu-ray experience on your Pioneer BDC-202. With that said, if Sony doesn't lower their Blu-ray stand alone players soon and you just can't wait to see what Blu-ray is all about, I recommend buying the Pioneer BDC-202.