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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Smartparts SP8PRT

If you're thinking of buying a digital picture frame for yourself, better hold off until we get the Smartparts SP8PRT here. The Smartparts SP8PRT is the world's first digital picture frame with built-in photo printer, now THAT's innovative. The Smartparts SP8PRT has been unveiled at the PMA 2008 and it can instantly print a 4x6 color print of your pictures without you even turning on your PC.

I would love for the Smartparts SP8PRT to be introduced here in the Philippines. Now you can display a slide show of your photos in your home that would blend nicely with your decor plus, wouldn't it be cool when your friends ask for a copy of that particular photograph show in your digital picture frame and you just press a button and on your Smartparts SP8PRT and--wa-lah! Instant picture printed!

The Smartparts SP8PRT is available in the US for $279.

1 Comment:

Md Shaffir said...

Really awsome as this may ease our photo collections and saves a lot of money on printing.