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Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Cambodian YouTube-like website

Now why can't we have our own website like Camnob.com? Sure, local videos, TV series, MTVs, are available in YouTube but you have to search and wade through all those videos and there's no guarantee that you can find a locally made video.

It would be nice if we could collate all Filipino/Tagalog videos under one site like what Camnob Media did. The videos are in their local language, Khmer, and you can find Khmer music and videos. Also very cool is that they have Khmer karaoke videos put up. Now you know that Filipinos are just in LOVE with karaoke, I know that this kind of website would be a hit.

So if you're a Filipino webmaster looking for your next project and you're actually reading this post--please make a site like this one! I'll help you promote it (bats eyelashes).


Anonymous said...

yeah i have experience doing youtube-
like websites.

Im planning to deploy one for pinoys. sad is i dont know what to name it. any ideas?

natalie1981 said...

PinoyTV. Simple and to the point. :D