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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Company Profile: CreditNet

CreditNet is a website that helps consumers find the right credit card for their personal use. They provide a comparison of different credit cars available and can help find consumers the right product no matter what their credit rating is.

Unlike in the Philippines wherein credit cards are issued based on the gross income of consumers, in North America, credit cards are issued based on a person’s credit rating. Persons with good credit rating can be issued low interest and even a no interest credit card.

A website like CreditNet is another good website that Filipinos should emulate. Rather than have telemarketers pester us everyday, there should be a website where “interested” consumers can visit so that they can make informed decision for themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Poor services... darating ang panahon may kakalaban sa kanila na maganada ang services humanda sila.. :D