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Friday, March 21, 2008

How to combat rising Peso vs. Dollar

The recession taking place in the US has all of our OFWs worried. Pretty soon it would be affecting their earning capacity and the amount of money they send home. It doesn’t matter if your “loved ones” are working in the US or Europe, since the US is a major power, almost every country connected to the US will be affected.

If I were you, this is the right time to set up a business so that you can invest that hard earned dollar of our OFWs. Try visiting a business forum on the net and research on any information you might find regarding a good business. If your loved ones can afford it, they should also look for businesses for sale in the country they’re working in, particularly Europe since the Euro is the stronger currency today, so that their investment could go further. As what my boyfriend told me, investing is one way to fight inflation.