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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

SecurStar's PositionTracer: A Stalker's Dream, a Teenager's Nightmare

SecurStar's PositionTracer is a software that allows you to track a person using a GPS enabled mobile phone is like a double-edged knife depending on how you look at it. While worry-wart parents would welcome this software so they can keep track of their kids whereever they are, teenagers would view this as an invasion of their privacy and might cause them to rebel against their parents.

The PositionTracer is not only for tracking people but valuable objects as well. Instead of buying expensive GPS systems to put on your car or boat, you can just use a GPS enabled mobile phone. SecurStar's Position Tracer provides exact live tracking and can even alert you when a person or object has left a predetermined area.

While SecurStar's PositionTracker is a noble idea, the lack of GPS-enabled phones plus the unreliability of GPS receivers inside mobile phones (It takes about 5 minutes before the GPS on my mobile phone could actually locate me) would probably hinder some people into getting into this software.