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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sony ICF-ClipMK2: Clock Radio with iPhone support

Though Sony and Apple are competitors both in the portable multimedia scene and cell phone manufacturing, it still didn't stop Sony from making compatible devices for the iPhone. The Sony ICF-ClipMK2 is a clock radio that adds iPhone support. This device is the first clock radio to add iPhone support, naturally, the Sony ICF-ClipMK2 also supports iPods.

The Sony ICF-ClipMK2 has an adjustable backstop mechanism and is compatible with other digital music players as well because it has a supplied cable and line-in jack. The Sony ICF-ClipMK2 has an automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustment, full function alarm clock which you can set to wake you up to music, radio or buzzer, and an adjustable brightness control for the LCD.

The Sony ICF-ClipMK2 will be available in May for $100 and is available in black and white colors.