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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wedding Rings Buying Guide

June, the wedding month, is only a few months away. I'm sure a lot of couples have already chosen their wedding rings. If not, well, shame on you. However, don't despair, here are a few tips on choosing your wedding bands.

  1. Ask about the metal. When choosing wedding rings, ask about what kind of metal it is made of. Wedding rings come in all kind. Though the most traditional are gold rings, there's also white gold, platinum, palladium, tungsten bands, etc. If choosing gold rings, make sure you ask if it's 14k, 18k, or if it's just plated.

  2. Metal Finish. The texture or finish of a wedding band adds to the design. Consider if you prefer a more shiny surface or a stone finish. Try to choose a finish that will last longer. After all, you'll be wearing your wedding bands forever.

  3. To match or not to match. There's no rule that wedding bands should match though matching rings are more traditional. If you and your partner prefer different designs, go ahead. It's better to just choose different designs rather than start arguing. If you compromise this early then you might still be wearing your wedding band in ten years or so. ;)

  4. If the shoe fits—or ring. ALWAYS try on your wedding rings. Make sure it's the perfect fit. Don't order one too large just to make sure, you're not buying a dress, you're buying a ring. One size too large is a no-no. Ask the jeweler to measure your finger and go with what he advised you with.

  5. Shop around. I always try to buy my jewelry in store with a website. That way, I can take a closer look at the pictures, narrow down my choices and then go to the actual brick and mortar store to try it out.