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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Blinds or Curtains?

A lot of people, when decorating their rooms are torn whether they would like to use blinds or curtains. Some decorators would not go with blinds but would rather opt to use curtains especially if they’re designing an intimate and traditional room. In the Philippines, when people mention using blinds for interior decorating, we would usually get the idea of those big plastic vertical blinds usually found in the office, that’s why some people would rather opt to go with curtains.

However, if you look hard enough, you might actually find yourself some nice blinds that would go well with your d├ęcor. Blinds come in all sorts of make and design. There are wood blinds and some made of fabric. If you’re decorating an apartment or condominium and the room is located in a high rise building, it’s best to use blinds rather than curtains as they are better in keeping the light out.

It’s hard to find unique blinds in the Philippines as the most that you can get from department stores are plastic ones. If you have to, you can search online and have your blinds flown in. There are a variety of websites on the net that sells blinds. An interior designer can get a lot of room design ideas by just looking at the different variety of blinds offered on these online shops.