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Friday, April 25, 2008

Brooke White stays on American Idol

I just found out that my favorite contestant on American Idol Season 7, Brooke White, is saved. Yey! I know that she broke down on her last performance. I didn't have the heart to watch it on youtube because the recap on made me not watch it. I always have a hard time watching people break down on national TV. Yep, I get embarrassed for others.

I know that she's VFTW's pick and I'm torn on that part. I love reading VFTW's recaps on American Idol as they're funny as hell and I've been lurking on their site. Anyways, I'm torn because being VFTW pick means she gets extra votes to make her stay but then again, her finding out about that might dampen her confidence and make her break down more. Anyways, I hope she gets back on track on her next performance.