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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Car Loans

If you’ve grown up watching American TV shows or reading American Teen Novels, you know that getting a car in the US or North America is very easy. Once a teenager reaches 16, they usually ask for cars for their birthday.

It’s not because everyone in the US is rich. It’s because Car Loans are very easy to come by. Unlike in the Philippines wherein you need collateral, income requirements, etc. in the US, all you really need is that you have a credit score. To see how easy it is to obtain a car loan, check out They have an online car loan program that offers low rates and quick approvals and it is available nationwide in the US, plus they also offer loans for those with bad credit.

I don’t know whether it’s an advantage or disadvantage that car loans are hard to obtain in the Philippines. It’s a disadvantage because middle income earners sometimes wouldn’t qualify for a car loan but then again, it’s also an advantage since less cars on the road means less traffic.