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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Coupon Codes

Here’s another thing that I wish the Philippines would adopt—coupons. In traditional grocery shopping, coupons are these little pieces of paper usually clipped from newspapers or magazines and consumers can use it to get instant savings such as a certain percentage off the price or a free item.

Some supermarkets have already adopted coupons though not widely as it’s not really a regular thing you see. In terms of online shopping, coupons are special codes usually entered just before you pay for the item so you can get savings. Coupon codes are usually in the form of discounts, free shipping or free items. Since online shopping hasn’t really taken off in the Philippines, coupon codes are rare to see. However, in the US, there are actually websites that collate all the coupon codes released by retailers.

I wish there were more coupons in newspapers or online so that it would ease the burden of some consumers.