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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Doctors video taped man being operated on

It's all over the news. Some F*cked-up doctors decided to take videos of a man being operated on. The video shows doctors and nursers cheering and giggling as they try to remove a canister of perfume from the man's rectum. I've only caught a glimpse of the videos on the news and I won't bother looking for it on youtube as it's just SICK.

And now you're wondering why Desperate Housewives are ridiculing Filipino doctors?!! I mean, I even saw a someone holding up a cellphone. I don't know if it's a nurse or doctor but isn't an operating room supposed to be sanitized? Who knows where that cell phone came from and they're taking it with them into the operating room?!!!

Jeez, and this news has managed to make its way on the front page of Yahoo's Technology news. When will we Filipinos stop embarrassing ourselves? This is definitely one of those days that I wish I was of different nationality, so sue me.