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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Heavenly Couture

Every once in a while, in my bargain hunting trips on the Internet, I come upon a website wherein I keep revisiting. GetHeavenly.com or Heavenly Couture (Company Name) is one of those websites.

Like some girls who don’t know a thing about fashion, I get my fashion sense from magazines. I don’t mix and match my own clothes and I usually copy them off from popular magazines. But there are times when I really like what a model is wearing but I can’t seem to find that kind of clothes locally so I have to turn to the Internet.

Heavenly Couture is Fashionista on a Budget’s dream come true. Every piece of clothing on the website looks like it has been worn by a fashion model in a runway somewhere in Paris or Milan, or more appropriately; every article of clothing looks like it has been featured in a fashion magazine. Best of all, even if every piece of clothing looks designer-made, they don’t have the matching price tag. Everything (except denim articles) is below $17.95 (800 pesos).

Heavenly Couture mostly sells junior clothing line but of course, those young at heart (and those that can get away with it), would find some clothing to their liking. This site even has accessories and swimwear. Another good thing about this website is that you don’t have to contact any relatives or do any freight forwarding as they now ship internationally.