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Thursday, April 3, 2008


If you own a business, you know that advertising is one of the factors that affect your sales. Whether you’re a big company or just starting out, advertising has the same impact—it showcases/announces your products to the world. Without advertising, your business might as well be dead.

Commercials are one of the most effective means of advertising. After all, EVERYONE watches TV. Even infomercials which are shown at dead hours can generate sales for a company.

Hawthorne Direct is an advertising agency that specializes in DRTV, long and short form commercial production, infomercials, and media buying. I’ve come across their website while web surfing and from their commercial samples, I think they’re responsible for most of the infomercials we see. They even had an infomercial for Nikon back in the days when digital cameras were not yet mainstream.

Try checking out their website and you might pick up ideas for the advertising needs of your business.