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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Manila CityWatch: Fighting Crime the High Tech Way

I've recently read in the papers that the Manila Police District has installed several GPS devices on their mobile Patrol cars. These GPS devices reports the location of the mobile patrol cars every minute so that dispatchers at the headquarters can determine which mobile car is nearest the crime scene so that they could respond immediately.

I nearly peed in ecstasy when I've read the report. Finally! An inkling that the something in the government is going forward. The installation of the GPS device is part of the CityWatch project implemented by MDP Chief Rosales. Of course, Razon had to ruin my good reading by saying that this project was “conceived even during my terms as MPD chief, but technology and resources prevented us to implement it at that time”. Yeah, right. GPS has been here for a while now, dude.

The only downside to this project is that only the wealthy may as well benefit from it. According to the report “with citywatch, residents, commercial, industrial, and other business establishments can subscribe to the service by purchasing GPS tracking devices and wireless alarm systems, panic buttons, and digital video recorders. Once included in the system, the alarm devices can automatically notify dispatchers of break-ins or robberies”.

I guess there's nothing wrong with that, after all, 911 is a paid service in the US but it all boils down to how much does security cost in Manila? Will try to research more on this project and keep you updated.


Vipes808 said...

From the Flyer i got, here's the pricing:
1. GPS device for cars = P 15K
2. Panic Button/SOS = P8.5k
3. Complete Alarm System = P25k
4. Wireless DVRs = P25-50K

Monthly monitoring fee is only
P330 / device

Sim card could be post and pre paid. Available Plan is P 350/month unlimited SMS.

Not bad at all..:)

poison_ivy said...

So it is a paid service. Still, given the rising price of rice, it would still be hard for middle income earners to part with P330.

Vipes808 said...

It's paid daw if you decide to have those devices. If you can't buy the device, you can still call the Hotline and get emergency assistance. I was also told they will launch a service soon with the TELCOs where ordinary citizens can text or call Citywatch. VAS rates apply on the sender..

natalie1981 said...

I see. I wonder if I could register my GPS enabled PDA for their service? Or do I have to buy the GPS device directly from them?