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Sunday, April 27, 2008

OMG! I dropped my laptop!!

Arrrgghhh!!! I dropped my laptop! It dropped about 1 feet from my bed with a resounding crash! I was too scared to open it but thankfully, it was able to boot up, no cracks on the LCD or whatever. Thank goodness! I hate to replace it since we're still paying for the monthly installments for it. Anyways, when you drop your laptop, the two most commonly damaged parts are:

1. Hard drive. Hard drives are the most commonly damaged part if a laptop is dropped because it contains moving parts. If your laptop doesn't boot up, you've got yourself a broken hard drive.

2. LCD. This babies are very sensitive and again, is more likely to be damage. Damage could be in the form of a "white gamut" fuzzy white thing on your screen that looks like dust or dead pixels. Most serious would probably a cracked LCD. LCDs are easily replaced but could cost you a lot, depending on the model of your laptop.