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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Printing Companies

With all the printers out in the market, anyone can print their own birthday invitations, Christmas cards, business cards, etc. I guess that’s why printing businesses are a lost cause in the Philippines. However, in the States, there are still some online companies that offer printing services.

There may be some factors why printing services are still popular in the US. One is that specialty papers usually cost a lot; two, printing in bulk takes time if you do it on your own but is relatively cheaper when you order it from printing companies; three, design software such as MS publisher and Print Shop Deluxe costs as lot so customers can’t design their own invitations; and four, custom-printed products still looks more professional than making your own.

Vista Print is one of the companies offering printing services. However, their business is not limited to invitations, birthday cards, etc. They also print promotional items such as stationery, T-Shirts, Rubber Stamps, pens, photo products, calendars, and a lot more.

Unlike printing these on your own where you have to think up of designs and layouts, Vista Print offers originally designed products. They also offer graphic design and copywriting services so that you can be assured that what you’re sending out is truly unique.