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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Smart Bro Prepaid

As if their Smart Bro Plug-it isn't enough, Smart feels the need to repackaged their prepaid services by introducing the Smart Bro Prepaid. The commercial of Smart Bro Prepaid says it all: Smart is serious about their Smart Bro Prepaid. They went all out for the TV ad, signing up big-name stars like Tony Gonzaga and Sam Milby. So the commercial looks good, but is their service even worth it?

Already, if you search for reviews about the Smart Bro services you'll find thousands of pages of ranting customers complaining about no signal or slow speed. They even went as far as calling it Smart Bro-KEN. Well, my initial assessment of the Smart Bro Plug-it is the same as Smart Bro Prepaid: Don't bother if you already have a 3G phone or even one capable of EDGE.

I just hope that new Smart Bro Prepaid subscribers won't take up the bandwidth of existing 3G and Smart Bro Subscribers. I've read somewhere that the 384kbs speed that Smart is boasting about is actually shared. E.g. They have a certain data center in a Barangay and if there are 20 people using Smart Bro services, the 384kbps is shared between them so some areas experience faster speed than others because it depends on how many subscribers are there in the area.

I wish for Smart's sake this isn't true. I'm constantly using their Smart 3G on my mobile phone and if my connection speed starts to suck, I'm going to blame it on Smart Bro Prepaid.


Raf said...

I think everyone deserves to have broadband internet. Dont blame the future subscribers of smartbro prepaid if they will have an effect on the 3g thing using cellphones.

Dont be so selfish.

Just my two cents.

natalie1981 said...

FYI. I'm not blaming the subscribers. Of course everyone deserves broadband. I'm blaming Smart because of their service. Everyone knows Smart Bro's service sucks. It's because they keep inviting new users without expanding their network.

Thank you for your two cents. Here's mine: Don't be so judgmental.

Next time, try to read and understand the whole post before judging somebody to be selfish.

Raf said...

Didn't mean to offend you. My apology for the latter remark.

I just said it because of the last part "Im going to blame it on Smart Bro Prepaid".

Maybe i just overreacted a bit. Since phone using 3g and smartbro prepaid although same in service they are a different product. So blaming the new service in case "bandwidth eating happens" is maybe a bit unfair towards the service itself and to the individuals who uses it.

Maybe you could blame it to SMART Communications and not to the product.

Again, id take back the selfish remark and i apologize

natalie1981 said...

Apology accepted. :D But I will still blame Smart Bro Prepaid, the service and not the subcribers. Although both are different products, both use the same frequencies and if Smart allows over saturation of these frequencies WITHOUT expanding their network, it would affect both service: the mobile 3G and the Smart Bro prepaid.

In the end, be it mobile 3G or Smart Bro Prepaid, it's still us, the consumers, who will suffer and Smart ending up with the bigger portion of the pie.

Thanks for dropping by, raf.

Anonymous said...

tae ng smartbro.. palagi nagtitime out. tapos kung madisconnect khit 5 mins. use mo lng charge agad ng 10php. The company itself is pure filipino. Mabuti lng magreceive ng pera pero kung bumigay ng service ang kuripot. SMART BRO-ken BULOK. mag PLDT n lng kayo. d best because its singaporean.

Browse N Drowse said...

This link is very instructive: The reason behind SmartBro's lockin period. It is an eye opener. Please spread this link so that others will not fall victim to this Smart Bro scam.