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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Solutions for a balding head

A lot of Filipino men have hair problems. Though balding hair should not really be a problem, some people still think that a full head of hair is important for their self esteem. If you still think that hair is important to improve your appearance, you can deal with a balding head in two ways: medication, or toupees.

Medication is the long-term solution but results will also take a long time and not all people respond well to medication. Wearing toupees is the short-term solution but I don’t know why some people feel embarrass that they’re wearing toupees. Maybe it’s because of the hundred of slapsticks done with toupees.

If you opt for the short-term solution, you should choose somewhat real human hair pieces. Those are hard to come by and are usually expensive but you’re assured that you won’t get those weird looks that people give out when trying to figure out if you’re hair is real or not.