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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The SuperHero Movie

I love spoof films. I love the first Scary Movie installment though the sequels were not as funny as the first. The SuperHero Movie looked good in the trailers and had me giggling so I was awaiting the release.

So, is it as funny as other spoof films? Well, the basics are there: green jokes and disgusting things oozing from the characters, however, this film just failed to tickle my funny bone. In the Scary Movie, that film had me laughing every minute but The SuperHero Movie just made me giggle in some parts. In fact, some of my laughs may have been guilty laughs because I had to drag my boyfriend to the movie theater and he only agreed because I said it was funny and I was just trying to let him think that I'm enjoying it.

Anyways, the SuperHero Movie may be a good movie to pass the time but I don't think it's really worth your 1++ bucks.