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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Apple iPhone to be OFFICIALLY released in the Philippines

Although there are already hundreds of iPhone in the cell phone markets here in the Philippines, including, the iPhone is not OFFICIALLY released. The iPhones on sale here are bought from the US and then unlocked to be usable here in the country. Since the iPhone here is UNOFFICIAL, users can’t get any firmware upgrades directly from iTunes since if they do, they would risk locking their phone again.

Those wanting to get the iPhone but waiting for it to be officially released would be glad to know that their wait is not in vain. According to a report in the Philippine Star, Globe will be officially releasing the iPhone later this year. Now the only question is whether Globe will be releasing the old iPhone or the new 3G iphone set to be released by Apple in June this year. If they stick with the old version, they probably won’t get too much customers as Pinoy iPhone users would be setting their eyes on the 3G iPhone at that time.

If it’s a 3G iPhone, this is another dilemma for me. If the iPhone goes 3G, from my point of view, it would now be the ultimate phone. It’s already open to developers and has 3G, what more can I ask? Well, a QWERTY keyboard for one. Honestly, typing is a pain on touch screen phones. Anyways, I still have around four months to decide whether I will be getting the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 or the 3G iPhone. Hard decision, really.