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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Are Greeting cards a thing of the past?

I was passing by a display window of a local bookstore. The display window was for hallmark cards and there was a Styrofoam cutout of a memory card and the letterings on the display below the hallmark card said: the original memory card. It was very clever and it got me thinking if greeting cards are a thing of the past.

Like I said in one of my blog posts, advances in printer technology plus the fact that they are getting cheaper allows people to make their own greeting cards. However, with the advent of the Internet, rather than sending regular birthday cards, we just send E-cards. There are thousands of websites offering free E-greeting cards. These e-greeting cards are usually animated or sometimes, they just look like a regular postcard. Though some of the electronic greeting cards are cute, and I have received some during my recent birthday, I have to admit that I miss getting regular birthday cards. I guess I just miss the fun of seeing someone’s sloppy handwriting on the envelope and sometimes the occasional written greeting such as a “hello”, or even the “may you have many more birthdays to come” that accompany the printed message in the greeting card.

Honestly, I wish more people would send regular greeting cards than electronic ones. I mean, they are cheap, at, this pictured greeting card costs only less than $2 if you buy in bulk and you will make your sappy friends who are like me, happy.