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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Best Credit Cards

I know that the Fed is trying to breathe down the necks for credit card companies in the US. I've read somewhere that they're trying to regulate the credit card industry in order to help consumers. Though credit cards can sometimes be the bane of one's credit rating, if used wisely, it can also have benefits.

If you're one of those few people who can manage their credit wisely, then a credit card would indeed be useful for you. You can take advantages of reward points, zero interest, low interest on balance transfers, freebies, etc.

In order to find and compare the best credit cards in the market, try visiting This website has credit card rating and reviews and even compares the benefits of different card companies. They also have a resource page that helps you choose which credit card best suits you.

So remember: There's no bad credit card, only bad credit management.